Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh well....

I got word back from the North Pole. I don't qualify for the position I wanted because you have to be at least 18 months old and I am just 11 months. But they were very impressed with my resume and picture and encouraged me to apply next year.
I have learned something from all of I know what it meant when Beth would say that Mike was leaving to "bring home the bacon". I always thought it was food but it was slang for money. Mike actually has a real job and they pay him to work. I didn't know that it costs money to stay warm, have a home, get treats, have lights, water, a car, get new hats or food! There is so much, much more. Now I understand why Mike works so hard. He loves us and wants to make sure we are comfortable. He is so nice to us....I LOVE HIM!
I am a little sad but Beth said Christmas is so much more than just giving presents. She told me all about Baby Jesus. What an amazing story! I am looking forward to Christmas. All the family will be together and that means a lot too!
Later. Remington -- the non employed Newfie -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

Remington, don't beat yourself up about being unemployed. Madi is 7 3/4 years old and has never worked a day in her life...well other than the hard work she does when she is begging for more food. Her Dad tells her he is paying for her heat, her water etc when he pays bills. HA
We hope Beth and Mike are feeling better.
You all have a great weekend,
Madi and Mom

Ms. ~K said...

Remingotn, Your job is to "spread the Love"...and you are doing an excellent job!
Hugs to your big, sweet head,

JackDaddy said...

I am sorry you didn't get to work for Santa! He is the one who is missing out! But I'm sure that you do a lot of work for Beth and Mike that you don't even think about - like 'happy greeter puppy' and 'keeping everyone's feet warm in bed puppy' and 'making sure that any food dropped on the floor (except onions) gets picked up so that no one will slip and fall puppy'.

(Although come to think of it, you may be a little big now for 'keeping everyones feet warm in bed puppy'. Unless of course, Mike and Beth do not like to move when they sleep!