Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vikings 38 - Packers 26

END ZONE DANCE going on here! Sorry Hudson and Rita!
First I must rant! The Green Bay Packers were not very nice to Mr. Brett Favre. They said boo (meaning they don't like him) as he came on the field. That is not being very polite! I guess they are still upset because he doesn't want to play with them anymore.
Well, now for the game. The first half was great and we thought it was going to be a blow out (meaning we would win by a long shot!) BUT in the second half the Packers came back in full force and I bit whatever nails I had left from last weeks game off because I thought we might lose! I was really upset!

However, Mr. Brett Favre did it again -- in true "Favre " style. Wow does that guy have a rocket arm or what? He knows football....
Today the Vikings did a good job and the game was exciting!
Beth told me next week the Vikings have a BYE -- that means they don't have to play -- kinda like a day off. WHAT WILL I DO? I really look forward to Sunday football with the Vikings! Next game -- November 15 -- noon -- Vikings vs Lions. Hey, that's on Bailey's birthday! What a great day that will be!
Until then -- Remington -- Vikings #1 fan -- TOUCHDOWN!


The Impatient Gardener said...

Oh Remington, our mom said she was afraid to even let us check your blog tonight. I guess things were going ok for the Packers for awhile because mom was hooting and hollering and clapping (so much so that Hudson got up and went to his bed for awhile). Anyway, mom said there are still a lot of hurt feelings. Someday she'll get over it, and a win today certainly would have helped but at least it's over for the regular season. Maybe you and Mike and Beth can root for the Packers next weekend since your team has a bye!

Hudson and Rita

JackDaddy said...

That 2nd picture is fantastic. I can feel the excitement from here! :)

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
Thanks for your input on our sign mystery. I believe you might be right DeerFoot is lurking about somewhere.
The second picture of you is hilarious. You are so excited your eyes are nearly crossed. Great job on capturing it.
Madi and Mom