Saturday, October 31, 2009

Look out folks, the BIG DOGS have arrived!

Yep, That's us -- The Big Dogs! That's what everyone called us all day.

Remember I got to go to the parade in Anoka, MN. The Halloween Capital of the World! Boy, do they know how to celebrate Halloween! The parade was HUGE! Everyone was dressed up in costumes, there was music and everyone was having fun, laughing and dancing around! We -- the Newf gang (actually members of the Northstar Newfoundland Club) had to wait at the staging site, as did everyone else in the parade. We had to wait there until 1:00 SHARP! So we hung out and played and visited. Monte, Brunswick and Zorro were there. Peanut couldn't make it because his mom had to work. I met so many more friends today too! I had SO much fun with everyone.
This is a picture of me and Brunswick. He is 6 months old. But he sure is fun!

This is me and Mike before the parade. Beth didn't want my cape to get dirty so I just put this orange thing on and it had GHOSTS on it. Just pretend ones though.

I kissed a princess! How great is THAT? That doesn't happen everyday!

Now about the parade! People were in scary costumes.

But remember it's only pretend. So I wasn't scared!

We stopped sometimes and people would pet us. Isn't that nice of them!

And as we walked off in the sunset....the parade was over.

This was the best day ever! I slept on the way home and had such nice dreams. Now the people are coming to our door and they all have remembered to say the "magic" words....Trick or Treat! So Mike and Beth give them a treat. I don't want to scare them so I stand very nicely on the top of the stairs and just watch quietly. I don't bark because I don't want anyone to be afraid. I just like seeing them. Some are cute and some are very scary. But it's just pretend remember --so no need to be afraid.
After the people stop coming we are going to watch a scary movie. I plan to sit RIGHT next to Beth! Cuddle up and maybe have a treat and enjoy the rest of my very first Halloween. What a nice day!
Later. Remington -- A Happy Newf! -- Trick or Treat -- BOO!


JackDaddy said...

Your parade looks great! I'm glad they didn't get you mixed up with any of the other big dogs!

We've had some people come to our house and most of them said 'Trick or Treat' but we gave some candy even to the ones who didn't!

But I still barked at them! :)

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
GREAT PARADE and you my friend looked quite dapper. I'll tell you one thing you make 2 of Brunswick. I bet at next year's parade you will be close to the same size. Oh my you kissed a princess what a treat that must have been. Thanks for sharing all the nice pictures. Mom was very disappointed we only had 3 little boys come to our door last night, I on the other hand was thrilled.
Madi and Mom