Friday, November 6, 2009

Let's be safe out there....

One more day until hunting season. I left a note for DeerFoot last night out by Beth's bedroom window. I told him all about hunting season. He must of gotten it because today I saw him in a little town called "Deerwood", that must be where his house is. Any way, he ALSO put on his orange safety gear. So he must of seen my posters. As you can see by the picture I wasn't kidding -- he is BIG! I think I learned something here, I was so afraid of DeerFoot and now I feel like we are friends, even though we have never formally met. I guess just helping out in situations like this brings us together. Who knows someday maybe we will sit by the campfire together and sing Kumbaya.I don't think he has a computer so I don't know if he got any posters up or not. I finished putting mine up late yesterday afternoon. I sure hope it works. If I need any help I will call on the "troops"....that would scare any hunter if they saw all of us coming at them!
Later. Remington -- The Safety Dog -- out.


Madi and Mom said...

Remington you are a good and true friend to all creatures great and small. That is too funny a city named Deerwood with a deer mascot in a glo vest!!! Good job to your resident photographer!!
Have a good weekend...sounds like you'll have good weather.
Madi and Mom

JackDaddy said...

I knew you must have seen something! Wow, that IS a big deer. But you still need to keep watch - I think they run in a pack.

I think if a hunter saw a deer that big, he would run the other way!!