Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hunting season....WHAT?!?

Well, it's here! Hunting season. Beth told me that deer hunting starts in Minnesota on Saturday. I didn't know what that meant and she said that people get a license and then are allowed to go and shoot certain types of animals. Like bear, moose, ducks, geese and deer's.... WHAT! This is awful! Even for DeerFoot! I don't want him to get shot! People pay money to get a license to shoot something! What are they like the opposite of hit men I see on TV? Those hit men are given money to do bad stuff! Beth said this is to keep the animal population down so that they don't starve or get sick because there are too many. I say, tell them to go to Dr. Jeanetta, my doctor, if they are sick and if they come to our house Beth will feed them! This is just unacceptable. I need to write immediately to Mr. President Barack Obama. He will make this stop....he just has too. Anyway I am taking all precautions in this matter. Below you can see the poster I have made up.

I am going to go to many of the local forests and post them on trees so people don't shoot me by mistake. Maybe I'll just stay in the house and hide. But I'll have to go potty and what about my daily football games???? Oh my, I am so worried! I'm pacing in circles, what's that, oh my tail. Wait, I must focus, I can chase my tail later. I just can't believe they allow this in the United States of America. I will let you know when Mr. President Barack Obama gets back to me. I am SURE he will put this at the top of his list of important things to do....I don't know what would be more important than this! Later -- Remington -- I AM NOT A BEAR -- do not forget that -- AGAIN, I AM NOT A BEAR! -- OUT (hiding)!


Madi and Mom said...

Ok Remington your concern is real. We are glad to see you have the proper attire for the season.
Thankfully you have Mike and Beth with you all the time. Keep them close. If you need us blogging buddies to come in for back up let us know.
Madi and Mom

Madi and Mom said...

PS Madi's grooming bag is getting full. Times like this I wish she were a Maine Coon Cat. :-)

Miley said...

Ohhhhh Remington!!!! Please be careful out there!!! If you need helping putting up your signs, I'll be right over!!!

lotsa licks,

JackDaddy said...

If anyone tries to shoot you, I will bite them on the butt! Hard!

Although you may want to wear your orange when you go outside!