Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vikings 38 - Rams 10

First off -- a belated birthday wish to Mr. Brett Favre who celebrated his 40th birthday yesterday! Sorry I missed the party but Trevor and Bailey were here!
NOW back to the game....They WON! I am doing the End Zone Dance! The Vikings did it AGAIN! Defeating the Rams! My man, Adrian Peterson got 2 yes, you heard me right 2 touchdowns!

Mike and Trevor like Adrian too!

BUT the biggest thing today was for Beth! She jumped so high I almost couldn't see her! Jared Allen -- #69 is "her" favorite player and he got a touchdown. He is a defensive end! And he is something else! I guess she likes us "bad boys"....maybe I'll get a mullet too....
Anyway, another great day in Minnesota football! I love Sundays they are soooo exciting! Next week -- Vikings play the Ravens at NOON! That could be a tough game -- but hey, I have faith in the boys!
Later -- Remington -- VFF (Vikings Fan Forever!) -- out!

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Madi and Mom said...

Morning Remington,
You are still a youngster so let me share this bit of wisdom with you....'when Beth is happy everybody is happy' and 'when Beth isn't happy ain't nobody happy'. Keep Beth Happy!!! I'm very glad to hear #69 made her happy. A happy Beth = good treats and lots of brushing!!!
Great picture of Mike and Trevor.
Madi and Mom