Saturday, October 10, 2009


I could not believe it! I had the BIGGEST surprise today! Bailey and Trevor came to see me! WOW! Snow AND my best friends! I was soooo happy to see them! As you can see Trevor is a big Vikings fan too! And his jersey is the same as mine! Number 28, Adrian Peterson, baby!

I guess Beth knew and didn't tell me so I wouldn't get too excited. We had cake and Trevor had this fire on his cake and he blew it out. I was scared! I mean it was on his food! YUCK!

As you can see -- Trevor liked the cake. I even got a little taste. I was really good.

Big Jon -- he is Bailey and Trevor's daddy -- played with me. I poked him in his tummy with my nose. He is fun to play with because he is a big guy too!

Then we all took a rest. Did you know that they like Sponge Bob too? So we watched that and then played some more. There were lots of presents for Trevor. AND Bailey got some too! AND I got a new bone. So we were ALL very, very happy! They had to go home tonight and not sleep here. Big Jon has to work tomorrow and Bailey and Trevor have to go to Sunday School so they left when it was just getting dark out.
It was such a good day and now I am very tired! I haven't had one nap today! Beth said I will probably be sleeping for a week. I doubt it! The Vikes play tomorrow!
Later -- Remington -- One Happy Camper -- out!



Happy Birthday Trevor!

Remington, you got snow? OMD! We never get snow! At least not like that! We're so little and white, if it ever snows here, nobuddy will find us until it melts!

Gosh, you are lucky!

Riley and Star.

JackDaddy said...

You are very lucky to have your friends visit AND get cake AND snow all in the same day. If I ever come visit, I will bring some puppy cake that we both can eat!

Madi and Mom said...

Remington your human 'niece and nephew' are ABSOLUTELY adorable. I know you must have been one excited puppy when they showed up at your door the same weekend you had SNOW!!!! Madi and I got excited just reading the post and seeing the pictures. Madi says you are very brave to watch the fire on the cake. What a fun Saturday you had!!! Big kitty high 5!! PS.. I believe I will hire my Dad as long as he works for free
Madi and Mom