Friday, October 23, 2009

School daze....

Hi all! As you all know I went to school last night. It went, well, let's just say kinda okay....

Mike started out the evening with me. I did pretty good -- at first -- as you can see I did the heel and turn almost perfect! THEN I got bored! I thought the class might like to hear a song so I start singing. Mike didn't think it was the right time or place.

After a while Beth thought she should maybe "talk" to me. She explained that not everyone here was bored and that I should just play along and maybe just do as I was told for awhile.

So being the good boy that I am -- I did it. I watched Beth and did all of her "hand commands", actually I like those better than the words ones.

And of course my most favorite part is when Beth tells me what a good boy I am. Cause she doesn't lie so when she says it -- she means it! That is nice.
Until next week we will have to PRACTICE more. I don't like homework much. I would rather play football! But Beth said if I don't keep my grades up I can't play! She's the boss! So homework I will do....
Today Beth and I are going to road trip to Brainerd and get some stuff to take to the party tomorrow night. Like a brand new bone for ME! I can't wait!
"Tick-tock" time is going fast so better get ready here or Beth will leave without me!
Later. Remington -- The Class Clown -- out!


Madi and Mom said...

Oh Remington, what a cute and sweet post. I'm positive you are doing your very best. you are a puppy (aka teenager) we all know they need lots of attention to stay focused. The thought of you singing just made me LOL. Are you a baritone? HA!!! Did any other pups join your choir? You are doing a great job and have great peeps to help. You and Beth have a great day.
Madi and Mom

JackDaddy said...

Brainerd always reminds me of the movie Fargo!

School is hard (sometimes). I could always tell that everyone in class was very excited when Jack showed up because he liked to 'sing' as well. And he was a little excited ALL the time.

Keep practicing - it will get easier!

Miley said...

Hey Rem!!! Good job at school, your's boring and I understand that you just wanted to live'n things up, right?! Great pics and have fun at the party!!!

lotsa licks,


Wow! You're good Remington,

Practice makes perfect so keep on keep'n on and you'll get to play football.

Riley and Star.