Thursday, October 22, 2009

A quiet day in Minnesota....

It a quiet day here in Minnesota. Snowed and rained yesterday and the snow is still on the ground.... I don't know why but today I got chilled when I went for my morning walk. So I am just laying by the fireplace, listening to the radio and relaxing. Beth said I have school tonight. So that will be fun. I had to miss it last week because something happened where Mike works and we couldn't go. But tonight we are going.
Beth told me that this weekend we get to go to Amy's house. She said that Amy has a Octoberfest each year at her house, she must really like the month of October to have a party for it! AND guess what! Bailey and Trevor will be there! I can't wait! I am going to help Beth make up Halloween goodie bags so I can give them to Bailey and Trevor, cause I won't get to see them on Halloween! It will be so much fun. I should wear one of my many costumes on Saturday, but I wouldn't want to scare them. I just want to play with them and get LOTS of hugs. They do that VERY well! They are my BFF!
I am going to take a nap. I think I am suppose to REALLY like the cold weather but for today I like the fireplace.
Later. Relaxing Remington....zzzz....zzzz....zzzz


Miley said...

Hi Rem!!! You just stay right there and relax today, every dog needs a lazy day..right?!?! Good luck at class tonight and at you Octoberfest party!!!

lotsa licks,

JackDaddy said...

A nice relaxing day for everyone! Stay warm and eat lots of good things. Have fun on your visit!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
That fire looks very cozy!!! We're having a rather warm day here. Rain tomorrow.
I finally got through a mega ton of email (mostly junk but I had to look throug it). Does not pay to go on vacation HA!!!
Madi and Mom