Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday morning dog show....

Every Saturday morning we get up early so we can watch the dog show on Animal Planet. I wait patiently for the Newfoundlands. I like to look at them and OF COURSE any blondes that might be shown! Hey, nice blonde!

Today Moses, the Newfoundland, took 4th place.

Beth said some of these shows are from a few years ago....but we still like them. Beth said if I can manage to behave myself MAYBE I would get to enter the Newfoundland Dog Show in St. Cloud on December 4th. She said I couldn't do any funny business though. I wonder what funny business is? Telling jokes, chasing my tail? As you can see I do like to do that.
I'll have to do some googling on "funny business" and then try not to do that.
I think I would like to be in a dog show. I STILL think that some of my extraordinary talents would make me shine though. You know like dancing (jumping, as Beth calls it), maybe a little song (barking as Mike calls it), or putting the judges hand IN my mouth -- hey that's the only way I can actually hold their hand....just being a gentleman! Oh well, it's a long time until December 4th. Until then I think I will just relax and have a nice day! Later. Remington -- future dog show winner -- out!



Hi Rem,

Well Dec. 4th is just around the corner so you better get crack'n on your showmanship skills right now! Cause we want to see you on T.V.!

You have such a shiny coat that we're sure you will win in that category and every blonde doggie in the whole world will want to date you!

Good luck and keep us posted on how it's going.

Riley and Star.

JackDaddy said...

I do hope you get to go to the dog show. I think you would do very well! I understand about the dancing - the tall guy is working on that with me too.

I do hope the dog show isn't like the car show or else they will have to open your hood to look at your engine! I don't think that would feel good!