Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vikings 33 - Ravens 31

The Sixth Sense! Now they are 6-0. They won! Or shall I say they survived! I am still doing the "End Zone" dance. It maybe wasn't their best game but when it's all said and done all that matters is what the score is and when the Ravens didn't make the last field goal that is all she wrote baby! The score Vikings 33 and the Ravens 31.

Mr. Brett Favre threw for 278 yards and three touchdowns! He had a lot of throws in that 40 year old arm. But he's "THE MAN"!

Today's game was a nail biter! I won't need my nails clipped for a month! It was quite the game. Up until the third quarter we were doing GREAT! Then I think a gremlin got in there and we didn't do so good. The Ravens had a BIG come back. Then....PANIC! Adrian Peterson looked like he really injured his left ankle. I cried! But he is okay--thank goodness! It's days like today that make football the BEST sport EVER! Will they win -- or won't they win -- will they win? It has you on the edge of your seat waiting to see! I LOVE FOOTBALL! Go Vikings! Next Sunday they play the Steelers at noon! I can't wait! Sunday football....what a nice thing to look forward too! Later. Remington -- one the Vikings biggest fans! -- TOUCHDOWN!


JackDaddy said...

You look so handsome in your football jersey, but then again, black DOES go well with everything! :)

Beth said...

Glad your team won. You are a great cheerleader, Remington. You should see about a job on the sidelines. I think you would be very helpful to the team.