Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't let this happen to you....

Oh no, it has finally happened! I kept trying to tell Beth and Mike that I needed a puppy to come and live with us and "no" that did not happen and now I have turned into a cat! What ever will I do? Do I meow? Do I claw things? Do I go to the bathroom in the little box in the kitty room? Do I climb trees? Do I sleep all day? Do I get to sleep above Beth's head a night? Do I do the "happy feet" dance? Do I purr now? Oh my, Oh my, whatever will I do???? How could they have done this to me! I was such a happy dog....and now.....I am just a big old cat!
Ha, ha! Scared you didn't I? You thought I was a cat! No, it's just a mask. But Beth and Mike SHOULD get a puppy to come and live here with me so I have someone other than cats to play with! They are just too little! And they don't understand "dog" stuff....
Today is fun. We started another book today. It's called Frankenstein. Beth said we should read it in the spirit of Halloween and all. It isn't scary so far but I am sure it will be. Halloween and all.... We did finish the Hound of the Baskervilles. Did you know the hound was half bloodhound and half Mastiff? So the next time you see one like that -- head for the hills! I won't tell you what happened because you will probably want to read it.
I better go....I hear the cat food being opened....ha ha!
Later. Remington -- The Joker -- Meow....


Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
Well in my humble look good in whatever you decide to wear!!! You'd make a handsome cat but trust me using the litter box would be a big issue!!! I don't think Beth and Mike have room in their house for one the size you would just for that reason I suggest you remain a puppy!!!
Hugs Madi and Mom

JackDaddy said...

So was the Hound of the Baskervilles a Stiff Blood? :0

The tall guy is trying to decide what costume I am going to wear. I told him I should be a nudist.

You sure have a lot of fun at your house!

Author: Arlene said...

Hey Rem, Ben here. I keep reading you want a bro. Have Beth go check out and look at the new puppies they have. My moms says there cute. She goes over once a week and takes pictures of them and puts them up on their website. They had 3 puppies 2 weeks ago and there's a boy still for sale. Might be a good deal for you. It's fun living in a house with more than one dog. Hobo and I have fun teasing Chip, that's the Cocker that lives with us. Talk to Beth ya know it's time to start making Christmas lists.... :o)
Ben, Hobo, Chip and the "human's" in Holland