Saturday, October 31, 2009

Count Remula....

Allow me to introduce myself....I am Count Remula....

It's HALLOWEEN!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! I am so excited! We get to go to the parade today! I get to see my Newf gang! I sure hope Peanut and Monte are there! I know Zorro and Brunswick are going to be! I have been staring at the door ever since we finished breakfast. We can't get going fast enough! This will be so much fun! After the parade we are going to hurry home to give the people who come to our door treats. BUT they have to say the "magic" words -- Trick or Treat!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and that everyone gets at least one treat today!
Ugha ha ha ha ha....that's my scary laugh....

By the way, I am keeping my "fangs" hidden....get it? I am suppose to be Dracula the vampire. I bet you are REALLY scared! Sorry, don't be though, remember it's all pretend!
Later. Count Remula -- Trick or Treat!


Madi and Mom said...

Happy Halloween Count Remula!!! LOL
Your mom is one creative lady. Madi loves your cape she said she needs one like that to hide under tonight. Enjoy your parade and seeing all your friends.
Madi and Mom

JackDaddy said...

You must be one of the 'good' vampires, like the guy on True Blood! But you look very distinguished in your vampire outfit. Have a great time on your parade!!!


Dear Cont Remula,

We luv your costume! It is soo you! REm you never fail to surprise us!

Happy Halloween!

Riley and Star.