Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wild Rice Days!

Today I got to go to Wild Rice Days in McGregor, MN. It's not a long drive -- remember when I showed you the osprey nest. Well it's not too far from there. From what I gather it's a festival to celebrate wild rice. That's a food. Seems kinda weird but they were REALLY celebrating so they must really like to eat it! I'll have to ask Beth if I can eat that. We got to walk around and talk to a lot of people. I saw all kinds of dogs. The one in the picture was something called a Blue Healer and he was just a little guy only two months old and they were trying to find him a home. I wish he could of come home with us. I hope he can find a nice home like I did. He was a really nice puppy but I know he was worried, I could just tell. Probably because there were so many people around. I know when I was that little I would of been scared! We also listened to some really good music (even did a little jig). I got to drink nice, cold water and it even had ice in it! It was a great day! Beth found ANOTHER 1957 Chevy....but of course the wrong color....again! There were lots of cars in their car show. They had vendors selling their goods. We stopped and looked at some of the things. Beth kept telling Mike "look at that". She was really interested in some of the things people had made. I like these festival things we are going to. People are so nice to me. Mike and Beth said I was the best that they had ever seen me. I was trying SO hard! I did GOOD!!!! (I am really smiling big while I write this!)
Tonight we are watching Heroes. Beth got the series from last season cause they missed it. I don't get the show at all but I think I'll just cuddle up next to Beth and let her pet me. Sounds like a plan!
Later -- Remington the Wild Rice Dog! -- Out!



Wild rice is grrreat! It makes you do all kinds of wild things! Like howling in the middle of the night, licking people's feet and dancing on tables!

Oh, we can't wait to read your next post!

Riley and Star.

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
You had one fine Sat. Sunshine, old cars, lots of TLC from your adoring fans and most of all special time with your peeps.
What more can a boy ask for.
Madi and Mom