Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun, fun, fun!

Another fun day with Mike and Beth. Today we took a trip around some lakes. There are A LOT of them in Minnesota! Then we stopped at Nisswa, MN. It's a nice little town. We've been there before but Beth really likes it there. She went into some of the shops and Mike and I visited with people. People in Minnesota are SO friendly! I tried to go into this one store -- it smelled REALLY good! Mike said it was a pizza shop. I think I would like pizza. That's food.... Any way he said he didn't want me to ruin my appetite for supper. I don't think a "little" taste would have hurt but I listened like the good boy that I am.
It sure has been fun having Mike not working. I wonder if he'll go back. I wouldn't if I were him. If we keep having all of this fun maybe he'll forget to go. That would be GREAT!
Time to go and see if supper is ready. I hope I get pizza! Later -- Remington -- the vacationing Newf -- out!


JackDaddy said...

Re: The puppy house...

The puppy house is like the dog house that all the peoples usually have to go to when they get into trouble. Usually, the lady peoples tells that to the man peoples!

Madi and Mom said...

Hi Remington,
We are so glad you are able to get out and about and socialize. You are so well behaved. We love looking at the people admiring you. Sounds like you, Beth and Mike know how to have fun. I expect Mike will go back to work but he will have many happy memories of his vacation. We did have a very nice party over the weekend.
Mom is off today. I'm lucky, my daddy is retired so he stays home with me all the time. We have lots of fun and I've taught him all about relaxing. Madi is good at relaxing.
Madi and Mom


Looks like you were a BIG hit everywhere you went. Glad you had a great weekend. Our's was borrrrring! Mommy's tired. So???

Riley and Star.