Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Tuesday in Minnesota....

I just have given up seeing snow in the mornings. Beth said it will come soon enough and I should enjoy the nice weather we are having now. It is suppose to get hot again and I don't like that. Air conditioner here I come!
Have you ever went outside in the morning when the grass is all wet? Gross! This morning we went to play ball and Beth threw it and when I ran to get it my feet got all wet! Well, I thought enough of this! I went right to the house. I mean, really, my feet were soaked! I don't know what the difference is when it rains, must be because I get all wet, but just wet feet -- no thank you! Beth laughed and laughed at me. She said and YOU want snow. Yes, I do. I don't know why she thought that was so funny. Some days I just don't get her humor.
Last night Beth read to me. She reads strange books she calls classics but whatever they are I just like to hear her voice. I didn't understand where this one was going but I listened very nicely. Sometimes it's just nice to have quiet time to spend together, who cares what you are doing....
Today is off to a good start. We are busy cleaning and I am really helping. I follow Beth all over and when she turns around she runs into me -- A LOT! She just laughs and says thanks for all of your help big guy! That's me -- big guy.
I think it's time for a snack so I am going to go and look at my treat jar and see what happens. I think I will have to put on my "Look at me, I am so cute" look seeing as I have already had some treats. Hey, it's worth a try! Later! Remington -- The Big Guy -- out!


JackDaddy said...

You are a very good puppy for helping your Mom clean!
If she drops any food, you can help her pick it up!!

Author: Arlene said...

Hey bro, we're starting to look a lot alike, except that I have a spot on my tongue. Do you????
Ben out.