Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1

I waited all week and no snow. Oh well, Beth said that will come soon enough. Beth said today is August 1 and that means the season "Fall" is just around the corner. I went in the living room and looked around the corner and didn't see anything different and then I went to all the other rooms and looked too but I didn't see "Fall". Beth asked what I was doing and I told her and she said that when she says that it doesn't mean "around the corner", it just means soon. I wish she would just speak "clearly" so I didn't get all mixed up. She said "Fall" is a season when the leaves change colors and it starts to get chilly outside. Sounds like it's the start of snow to me. I sure hope so....
Yesterday we went to Duluth to our favorite place -- Canal Park. I saw a BIG and I mean BIG ship. It's in the picture and it had a really loud horn. It was so cool. Then on the way home we stopped to look at some motorcycles that were at some place called Black Bear. Mike said they belonged to the Hells Angels. Those two names don't seem right together, at least from what Beth has taught me about the Bible. But that was the name those people chose and it really doesn't matter to me because I don't even know them. Mike and Beth REALLY liked the bikes. I was in the back and couldn't see real good. But I did have fun at Canal Park.
Today I am enjoying the sun on the deck. Mike is working in the garage and I have been helping Beth in the studio. She's cleaning things up, so she says, looks kinda messy to me. Time to talk Beth into getting me a treat! Later.

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JackDaddy said...

I hope that fall comes quickly. Tell your mom and dad to take you to the mountains in Utah - there may be some snow there!