Wednesday, August 5, 2009


How do you like THAT smile! Beth had the camera this morning and said Smile, Big Guy (that's me) and I gave her my best! She said I did a good job!
Yesterday I got a message from my older brother, Ben. He is a show dog. He's on the road traveling all over, going to shows like Mike and Beth have been taking me to so I can watch. But my brother Ben is in them! I am so proud of him. Any way, he said I look like him. WOW! That is so cool. He asked if I had a black spot on my tongue. I know I did one time but Beth took it out, I think it was cat hair. So this morning I was looking at my tongue in the mirror and Beth came in the bathroom and asked what I was doing. I told her and she said that I don't have any black spots -- yet. She said sometimes Newfies will get them and sometimes they won't. It is just something that happens. Nothing to worry about or anything just a Newfie thing. So I guess I will just have to wait and see if I get some like Ben. I wonder if my mom and dad have any? I have been thinking about them lately. I miss them. I know they are busy, there is always something to do at Mary and David's. Maybe someday I will get to see them again. That would be nice.
Better go and see what's happening here. Haven't seen Beth for awhile, will have to go and make sure she hasn't gotten into anything. ha ha! Later gator!

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JackDaddy said...

This is so funny that you posted this. Check out Jack's blog on Thursday!