Monday, July 27, 2009

Super hero....

Hi! Let me introduce myself, I am Remington -- The Regulator. I will protect the people of this world with my trusty Konga! I am made of solid muscle and have magical powers to stop all of the villains in the world. I can fly through the air with great speed.... FINE! I got caught again....Beth just came in and said I was making stuff up again. So....I don't know why I can't pretend. Jeez, let a guy have an imagination.
I do like my Konga, though. Beth and I were outside playing and while I was running with my Konga I made all that stuff up. Hey, did you get a load of those pearly whites in a couple of pics. I thought I would try for a poster shot. You know in case some big time movie producer needed a super hero Newfoundland. Beth said it's fine to do things like that but I have to remember that it is all play time not real. Wouldn't it be cool if it, I would like to be a super hero. Save people and fly around town.
Today has been fun. Beth and I took a drive and then a couple of walks and we played ball. Beth said summer is winding down. I wonder what that means. She said something about changing of the seasons. I don't know if I have any seasons. But if I do, I will be sure to change mine when Beth changes hers.
I was laying around today (by the air conditioner, of course) and thought about snow. I sure like snow. I heard on the TV today that it is suppose to be cooling down tomorrow. Maybe it will snow. I really like snow. Yes. I think it SHOULD snow tomorrow.
Sponge Bob is on so I am going to go and watch that. Later. Remington -- I'll be dreaming of a snow covered ground....snow, snow, snow....I am outta here!

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