Tuesday, August 11, 2009

7 months old....

Well, I was 7 months old on Sunday. I was so busy with Bailey and Trevor I forgot! Anyway, I weigh 95 pounds and stand 27 inches at the shoulder. There report done! Beth said I am going to be a big guy. Just like my daddy and brothers! Henry and Ben, my brothers, are BIG guys and both are show dogs. I sure hope I can be like them....Beth said not to worry about stuff like that and that I will be the best Remington that I am suppose to be! She knows how to make me feel good.
Well, I did it! I did my presentation to Beth yesterday about getting a brother or sister. I planned what I was going to say over and over again in my head. I even tried it out on Dudley and he thought it was a pretty good speech. Then while Beth was folding clothes I tried to put a power point presentation together but I just couldn't get it....so I just did it on my own. Beth and I were out on the deck and I said I had something to talk to her about. She listened to everything I had to say and then told me that if I got a brother or sister that she would have to spend time with them too. And that I wasn't quite ready yet to do all the training so she would have to take my brother or sister to training too. And that would mean that I wouldn't be along all the time. Hhhmmmm....I don't think I would like that. I really like to be with Beth and Mike and have them pay a lot of attention just to me. Guess I hadn't thought this through very well. Any way, I told Beth thank you for making me see things clearer and then we just laid back in the sun and relaxed. She read to me again. I kinda wish she would finish that book -- I just don't get it!
Time to go and play ball! Remington -- out!


JackDaddy said...

Moms (and tall guys) are very smart sometimes!

Author: Arlene said...

Well, happy 7 month birthday brother. Looks like you're coming along fine. It's down time here for me as far as showing goes. Next show according to Mom, that's Arlene ya know, is at the end of September. We're going to the other side of the state to Monroe, MI. It's about 4 hours to get there and our van DOESN'T have air. I use to stick my nose out the window when we rode but Mom's put me in a crate now because I slobber all over the place. Don't know why that's such a big deal but she's gotten kind of crazy about that lately. Oh well, it's past bedtime, later........ Ben

The Zoo said...

Hey Rem,
It's not all that bad having a brother. Honestly, I don't know what I would do without Murphy as my sidekick. I am happier than ever having him with me...minus the times when we are in the water and he tries to steal my bumper. Then I am FORCED to put the SMACK DOWN! Ha! I don't really...I am a good sharer. Those are things you learn when you have a little sibling following you around...sharing, playing nice, etc. It's a lot of fun! Mama still gives me all the attention I want. Pretty soon she is going to train me to be a water rescue dog. So I still get lots of attention.
Mama says she got to meet a gorgeous Newf named Ben at the NCA National Specialty this year. He was a Golden Oaks boy too..but I think his very nice owner said he was three years old. He was such a lover and it really made Mama want to get another Newf but Dad put his foot down. Sometimes Dads have to do that...you know.
It's fun watching you grow!

Gabe the Newf