Monday, August 10, 2009

What a weekend!

I had the best weekend ever! Bailey and Trevor got to come and stay at our house for 4 days! In the picture above I got caught trying to give Bailey a kiss! We played and ran and....and....and just had SO much fun. We laughed A LOT! We played games and played with toys and went for walks and, oh my, there was SO much. AND I got treats! They are the best! Now it's Monday and everything is back to normal. Kinda boring. Guess I didn't realize that until they were gone. Little people sure have a lot of energy! But Beth said we will still have fun but just not so much running involved. I guess that will be ok.
In the pictures you can see I got to go and play in the park. There was LOTS of room to run and play. And the scary picture is of a dragon at Bailey and Trevor's favorite park. It's called the Castle Park. That was fun too!
I have been thinking of asking Beth if maybe we should get a little puppy so I could have some company too. I could teach the puppy all I have learned so far so Beth wouldn't even have to do anything. This way I could have a brother or sister to play with too! I think I'll tell her that it would keep me busy and she could get more work done. I'll have to give that a little thought -- it is all about presentation!
Later -- Remington -- in thinking mode....out!

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JackDaddy said...

Little puppies are like good friends. It's nice when they visit and nice when they go home! :)