Friday, July 10, 2009

Waiting for Mike....

I was watching for Mike and Beth took a picture of me. Silly Beth. Mike had to work at the booth at the fair so he was later than usual in coming home and I was getting worried. Beth said today we get to go to the fair. I can't wait cause I don't know what that is but whatever it is I am sure it will be fun!
Yesterday Beth and I went to Brainerd. It was a nice drive. On the way home she told me to look at the turkey vultures. I thought she should take a picture but she said not while she was driving because that would be against the law. She needs to focus on driving. She said if something happened, like a deer accidentally jumped out of the ditch or someone else wasn't paying attention to driving or if someone else was taking a picture too, we could have an accident. Then we would be in trouble. She said Scott Turner would not be happy! Not the Scott Turner from the movie Turner and Hooch but the real Scott Turner that is the sheriff in for our area. And I wouldn't want Beth to get scolded. I know how I feel when that happens so I said DON'T DO IT BETH! No pictures while you are driving!
I get to go to a dog show tomorrow. I hope I get to see Gabriel and Monte. They are my friends from the last show we went to. I wish I could be in the show but maybe the next one. Beth just doesn't think I am ready.Better go and get some rest....can't wait to go to the fair! Later. Remington The Concerned Citizen! Out!

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