Friday, July 10, 2009

I got to go to the fair!

Mike and Beth took me to the fair. It was so much fun! There were a lot of people and music and good food smells and pretty lights and lots of hugs! We walked around and people would stop and pet me and talk to me. I even got to see Scott Turner, yes, the sheriff I talked about earlier. I had to behave myself. I didn't want to get into trouble! I saw Chloe, she is the blonde haired girl with the pink headband, and her sister Shelby who was in the stroller. They are Connie's (remember my friend from Mike's work) granddaughters! I can't wait to tell Connie! I got to meet Judy Turner and Gina, her daughter. I have wanted to meet them for a long time! I think they liked me too! There was SOOOO much going on! Now I am tired but when I close my eyes I can see all the pretty lights and hear the music. I makes me happy! Gotta go and rest -- Remington -- The Carnival Dog -- Out!

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