Sunday, July 26, 2009

Offical Bird Dog reporting....

Remington the official Bird Dog reporting from the dangerous woods of North America. On today's journey I have been taken to the most remote corners of the earth. As you can see, I have spotted an endangered species in it's most vulnerably state....wait a minute....what....ok, fine! Beth just came in and told me not to be so "Animal Planet" on my blog. She said that I can tell about what I see without all the drama. Whatever! Ok, I was on the deck and I saw a Blue Jay. Blue Jay's are a large song bird. Some people think they are pesky but we sure like them here! They live near forests, and we have that! They sure like the peanuts that Beth puts out for them. When they eat they shove food in their throat pouch and take it elsewhere to eat. They usually put the peanuts in their feet and peck at it until it opens. They are cool. These are the pictures we took. Picture one: Blue Jay finds the bird bath. Picture two: splish, splash birdie taking a bath. Picture three: refreshed! Remington -- The Bird Dog reporting -- out!

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