Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Only one more....

This is the name of the place I go each week for training. Beth is really impressed with the training program. So am I then. I only have one more class and I graduate from Level One. Then off to Level Two. That will start on July 28 and I get to go for nine more weeks. Some of my friends are going to go to that too. So then we can all be together. I was sad today to find out that Danielle won't be my teacher in the next class. I will miss her. She is the best! Always smiling and doesn't get upset with me. I even jumped on her today and she was so calm with me. I did pretty good today. Donna, Dainelle's assistant, even said I did good. I got to play with McGyver, Chrisy and Curly. I really had fun! I look forward to going each week. Beth thinks I am growing because I sleep most of the way there and back. She told me I grow the best when I sleep. I don't know about that!?! Dudley really missed me today while I was gone. So we played when I got home. Then Beth and I went out in the flower garden and I picked up pine cones for her. She really appreciates that. I do my best to help out -- it's the least I can do. I think I can hear someone peeling an orange! My favorite -- I will see if someone will share -- Remington out!

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