Saturday, July 4, 2009

Night time on the Fourth of July....

Ok, no one told me that there was going to be a lot of banging noises in the sky tonight. Good gravey, scared the pants off me! Beth was in the office and I took off and went right under her desk. She got under there with me and told me it was going to be ok. I was shaking SO bad! Then she explained what was going on, but I still wanted her to hug me for awhile. Then she took me in the living room and she said I should get up on the couch and look out the window. That's what I'm doing in the picture....and then there was all the pretty lights and then the noise. It started to make sense that nothing was going to hurt me. The lights were so pretty I just sat there and watched. Beth took some pictures while she sat next to me, aren't they pretty? So now everything is okay and I am going to go to bed. Remington "Not shaking in my boots any more" OUT!

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