Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Funny little bird!

This is a Killdeer. It is a funny little bird. We saw it while we were driving and of course Beth had to stop and take pictures. She told me about them because I couldn't figure out why it was running all over the place and then would fall down like it's wing was broke. And when Beth would get closer it would run and then fall again. Beth told me that is because it wanted her to think that it was hurt so she would come and take care of it. But really it was luring her away from it's babies nest. Smart bird, huh? They usually put their nests in open areas with gravel because they blend in better. The babies also come out of their eggs with their eyes open and start to scurry behind their parents immediately. I really like to learn about different birds. It's fun. I better go and get some lunch. Later.

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