Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another great day!

I got to go to Duluth on Saturday to the dog show! I saw Monte and met some other really nice dogs. Beth and I sat and watched the Newfoundlands show. They did great! I think I could have added some pizazz to the show just because not one of them danced or rolled around or grabbed the lease. Now I think I could of really entertained the people there. Oh well, maybe another time! After that we got to go to Petco! I didn't get any new toys, just couldn't find any I really liked. But Beth got me a new water bottle that she can carry on her belt loop. This way when we go for walks and I get thirsty she will have water right there for me. I also got some treats. Yummy! THEN we got to go to Canal Park again. MY favorite place. LOTS of people and I got to visit with quite a few of them. I was so tired after that I was sleeping before we left Duluth. Today we are just enjoying the day. Mike is home so I have gotten to run around outside with him. We played on the floor in the living room and I got to sit on his lap on the couch and look out the window. Time for supper! Later -- Remington -- out!

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