Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fair time -- AGAIN!

I got to go to another fair this weekend! But this time I got to see Bailey and Trevor! I was so happy. I miss them! Trevor is a little afraid of me cause I get a little wild sometimes. But Bailey knows just how to handle me. She is quiet and takes things really slow so I don't get to excited. She talks calmly to me and I like that.
Bailey was in the Little Princess contest at the fair. Mike parked the van right next to the stage so I could hear and kinda see Bailey. She did really good. She didn't get the crown BUT she got a trophy and a bag with lots of goodies in it. She is so pretty and can she dance. I should take lessons from her!
We walked around the fair and I got to see the pretty lights and hear the cool music. Lots of people came and talked to me again. I sure have a lot of friends!
Mike and Beth bought me another toy when they went in the store. It is's on a rope and I can throw it around and it makes noises. I really like it. Mike took it outside and threw it for me. But I thought -- WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY NEW TOY?!? I ran and got it and went right back to the house. I mean, really, it's new and I really like it. I don't want it to get dirty!
I am tired today. The trip to Bailey and Trevor's house is long. But it's so worth it when I get to see them. Going to go now and take a nap. Later.

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