Friday, June 5, 2009

This is my bed.

Kinda a slow day today -- after yesterday. I'm not ignoring Beth any more. I know she only did that for my own good. But it WAS fun! I am showing you a picture of my bed. I have never showed you this before. Isn't it cool! Mike built it for me before I got here. I have slept on it everynight since I got here. Mike also puts a floor fan in front of it before I go to sleep so I can sleep better. Isn't he nice? From the looks of it Mike must of thought I was going to be a biker....I think I would have a "little" trouble getting on a Harley. However, I have seen them and they are LOUD! I guess I could always ride in a sidecar with Mike. He really likes Harley's and is always looking at them, so I am getting educated in that department.
I guess we ARE going to go to the dance class tomorrow. I still am not sure about that! Me in spandex? Wouldn't that be a hoot? Beth keeps saying it's not like Dancing with the Stars -- but I think it is.
Beth and I have been busy with my school lessons and she is teaching me a new trick. Danielle, my teacher, showed us how to do it and Beth liked it so we are practicing. She calls it "take a bow". AND that's what I do, well sometimes. But I am getting better. Beth says practice makes perfect and she likes to make me practice! That's ok, I like the treats I get as a reward!
Time for our afternoon treat! Wish me luck tomorrow! Later.

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