Saturday, June 6, 2009

I had a dream....

I must admit I was pretty excited last night to be able to go to my dance class. I thought about it almost all day. Then last night I had a dream. I dreamt that Beth and I had practiced a lot and that we were going to go on Dancing with the Stars. Beth had the prettiest white flowing gown on with a sparkling necklace and earrings . And I had a bright blue spandex outfit on with glittering things shining on my neck. We went out on the stage and the music was beautiful and the lights were so pretty and colorful. We danced and danced. After we were done we both took a bow (just like Beth taught me) and people were clapping and hollering how good we were and THEN someone brought out a BIG gold trophy with our names on it and gave it to us. We had won! When I woke up I was so happy. I thought about it all the way to Minneapolis.
When we got to TCOTC the teacher, not mine, gave a talk about what it was all about. It's actually called The World Canine Freestyle Organization. So it's like a club and they give classes and everything. Then you can go and compete. She said they don't have a lot of competitions around here and we might have to go to Tennessee. She had two dogs (greyhounds) and they were REALLY good. Then we got to have a class. I tried really hard. It was hard. In the pictures you can see me with Beth, Mike and the teacher. I thought I did pretty good. Beth said I did too. BUT Mike said I dance like a linebacker. I wasn't sure what that meant and Beth said it was in reference to football. I don't know what that is either but I think he was making a joke. ANYWAY, Beth said we would practice at home for awhile but we really needed to concentrate on our lessons. She said we would see how my next set of classes went before we committed to these classes. It was fun but don't look for us on Dancing on the Stars this year. Who knows, maybe next year. It was still fun to dream about it. When I told Beth about it she didn't think it was silly. She said it was a very nice dream. And EVERYONE needs dreams.
I also made another friend. Remember my teacher,Danielle, well it's her dog. She is so beautiful. I can't remember if her name was Angie or Angel. I am going with Angel because that is what she is -- an angel.... I think I am in love. She's older than me, like only 7 or 8 years old. But that's okay. Beth is older than Mike. So no big deal.
On the way home we got to stop at Pet Smart and get a new toy. I had fun in there. I found something else to put on my Christmas list so that was good. Beth and Mike said I could have TWO toys because I am such a good boy! Beth said I could keep one in the truck. Lots of people talked to me there. People are so nice to me.
I had a good day....(I am smiling!) Later.

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