Friday, June 26, 2009

The "Sprinkler"!

I DO NOT like the sprinkler, I'll tell you that right now! And yes, I AM pouting! Beth took me outside and Mike had this thing he called a hose with water coming out of it -- kinda like the shower in the house. BUT this was outside. I would not go near it! I hid behind Beth. They kept trying to get me to go near it -- splashing water on me. I did go up to it and took a little drink but it wasn't like my nice bowl of water. Then Mike put it up in my direction with a mist and I got some on my head! That was enough! I wanted to go back in the house! Beth said she had never heard of a Newfie that didn't like water. Well, now she has! I like the water in the shower but NOT outside. She said it would make me feel cooler but I told her that the air conditioning and cool bathroom floor was good enough for me, thanks any way. She said maybe some other time....I don't think so! Gotta go and dry my head now. AND I just got my hair combed for the day and now it's all messed up! Not happy here! Remington the non water Newf -- out!

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