Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

It's hot outside. I don't care much for that. I have been staying really close to anything in the house that blows out cold air! That feels SOOOO good! I put some pictures of my outside friends on here. They are hot too. Beth and I went out and put cool water in the bird bath that stands up in the air and the one on the ground for the animals that can't reach that high. I am sure they liked it. The birds are splashing around in it. They look funny. Even Honey Dude the stray cat is just laying around. Beth made a deal with him that she would feed him if he won't eat the birds. Guess it's working really good. I don't like to eat birds, well I never have but they don't look like they would taste very good....feathers and all, yuck! Well, I am going to go and rest. Don't feel like doing much today. Just relaxing and enjoying that thing they call air conditioning! Later.

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