Saturday, June 27, 2009

I went shopping!

Today was rainy so Mike and Beth said I could go shopping and get a new toy for the Fourth of July. Don't ask me what that is but hey, I said great because I get a toy! We went to Duluth and yes, we went to Petco. I got to meet two other dogs there and some little kids it was so much fun! I found the toy I wanted as soon as I got there. It was like the Statue of Liberty, or so Beth told me. She said I did a good job that it was patriotic. Boy, she uses words I don't understand....I should ask more questions but I was so happy to be there, I'll have to do that later. Mike let me carry it around and everyone thought I was cute. (I am) Then I just browsed around getting more Christmas ideas. Sounds like I am going to get a lot of stuff on that day....I wonder when that is....I will have to talk to Beth. I also got to see ferrets. They are what is in the glass case. They are funny looking. Well, we got new treats today too so I think I'll go and see if I can have one. Then I'm going to take a nap with my new toy. It's so cool and it squeaks. Later. Remington "The Shopper" out!

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