Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School day....

I am tired! Mike came home LATE last night and I wanted to stay up and play with him. Beth was right....now I am tired. AND I had school today. MacGyver is one of my best friends at this school. We met out in the parking lot and went into school together. I think we could really get to be BFF (best friends forever). He is so much fun and sometimes he does this little howl type noise -- I tried but I just can't do it like him -- but it is so cool. School was a lot of hard work. Danielle, my teacher, really had us going. She is the lady with the blonde hair in the pictures. The other lady is her assistant, Donna. In the one picutre they are talking about our lessons for today. Boy, do they know how to teach! We learn a lot, it goes so fast and they make it so fun! Before you know it, it's over....I am so tired...but it's a good tired. Sure makes me happy that Beth and I do our lessons they give each week. Otherwise I bet it wouldn't go as good. After class Beth gave me my lunch and I was out! I slept all the way home. And I could use another nap now. Beth said Mike is working late again tonight so maybe I can get rested up so I can play with him when he gets home. Danielle told the class today that on Saturday we can come to a class that teaches us to dance. I wonder if it's the same as Beth and I do in the kitchen. Beth said she thinks it would be fun. ALL I can picture is her and I on Dancing with the Stars, can you imagine? That would be a lot of work. AND I would have to wear some funny clothes. I am not too sure about this. I MIGHT agree to go and just see what it's all about.
I think I am going to go and see if I can get a treat and then take another nap.

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