Monday, June 1, 2009

I miss Mike!

Mike left last night for Salt Lake City, UT. Beth said he flew there. I didn't know Mike was a bird. He doesn't look like a bird. Beth thought that was funny. She said he went in something called an airplane. I saw an airplane once in the sky when I was at Bailey and Trevor's house. I didn't know you could ride in them. But anyway, he went and I miss him. Beth tries really hard but she just doesn't do "Monkey Hour" like Mike. Mike and I have "Monkey Hour" every night before I go to bed. I get to run all over and act like a monkey, atleast that's what Mike calls me. I don't know what a monkey is so I will have to look that up on Google. AND I sleep by Mike and last night he wasn't there. I didn't like that and Beth said she didn't want to sleep over there. She said I could sleep on Mike's side but I didn't want to. So I just laid there and sighed A LOT but she didn't get it and then I went to sleep. I dreamt that Mike was there and was giving me a big hug. But when I woke up he wasn't there....(sad face). Beth said he will be home late tonight. I asked if I could wait up for him but she said being I have school tomorrow that I couldn't. She said she was sure he would wake us up when he got home.
We took some pictures of birds. Beth really likes birds. In the picture there is Indigo Bunting, it's a boy one. The girl ones are all brown. Aren't they pretty? The big black bird looking all intense is a black bird. We have many different kinds of "black" birds, some have red on their wings. Some are called Ravens, Crows, Grackles, I will have to tell you more about them later. I sure like to watch them, they are interesting. The picture on the bottom is funny. They must be going to watch a movie with all the popcorn they have in their mouth, ha ha.
Today I had to take something called a heart worm pill. Beth said it would protect me from heart worms. YUCK -- I don't want worms in my heart -- GROSS! So I gobbled it up in a hurry. Wasn't bad.
"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" Guess what's on -- SPONGE BOB! So I am going to go and watch it.

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