Monday, June 22, 2009

My stinky friend....

This is a skunk. He came to visit me and Beth wouldn't let me out. Mike did go out and take pictures. Looks like a cat. Nice fur! Beth said they have some funny smelling perfume that I wouldn't like very much. I looked them up on my trustworthy google and found these facts:
They weigh up to 10 pounds, have their babies in April - June, live in dens or hollow logs, usually only come out after sunset, really help in keeping the rodent population down, they won't spray unless feeling really threatened and they can spray up to 15 feet away! If they spray a human in the eyes it can cause temporary blindness but no permanent damage. So I think knowing all of this I will stay away from them and just look out the window and NOT bark, so they don't think I'm going to get them.
Today I have been enjoying the air conditioner blowing on me from under the bathroom sink. It gets really cold there and I like that! It's hot outside and I only like it out there for a short time. I have been practicing my routine for the show alone because if I do get to go I want it to be a surprise to Beth. So don't tell -- ok?
Better go and eat dinner. Later.

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Author: Arlene said...

Hey bro, Ben here - I was watching this TV show the other night and they were testing things to get the "perfume" off if you get it on you and don't like it. They said the BESTEST thing is hydrogyn peroxide and baking soda, suppose to be better than tomato juice. They said you put it on the skin, not drink it. Strange what humans do huh? Oh well, since you have them close by thought maybe you'd like to tell Beth in case she gets the perfume or Mike being he's the one that took the picture - sure looks mighty close to me. Heard about your hips - I had it done, ya, they put you under "make you sleep", I don't remember a thing but do know the people at the doctors office were really nice to me. Good luck and keep me posted. Ben OUT !!!