Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Didn't go to school today....

I didn't get to go to school today and Beth called my teacher, Danielle, and she is going to send us my assignment. She wasn't upset and said she understood. I didn't go because I have to go the doctor on Thursday to have my hips checked out. Beth said they sound funny and just because I cried a couple of times when I got up she is worried. I'm not. I am fine. But if she thinks I should get them checked out I will let her. She said they have to put me under....under what? The table? Oh well, I trust Beth and I know she wouldn't ever let anything happen to me so I am not going to even think about it. I get to see my doctor and I really like her because she gives me hugs!
How do you like my silly pictures? I like to have fun!
Better go and see if Beth wants to play. Later.

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The Impatient Gardener said...

Oh Remington ... I'm sure your hips are great and your mom is just being paranoid like us moms do.

Beth ... do you have a doctor there that will X-ray them without putting him under? The films usually turn out better if you can find a doc who knows how to do it with them awake. Good luck. I'm sure it's nothing.