Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Friends....

I made some new friends. Mike and Beth took me to a dog show in Cambridge, MN. I am not old enough to participate yet but I got to watch. There were ALL kinds of dogs there! More than I could of imagined. All sizes and colors. It was pretty cool. When they had to "show" all they had to do is just stand still and let this lady look in their mouth and run her hand over their backs and then they had to go and run around in this circle. That's it! I bet I could do that! Beth said it's more than what I think it is -- but I don't think so. Anyway I met Gabriel, he is in the first picture with me and he is 7 months old and then I met Peanut, he is the black and white one (Landseer--remember just like my brothers). Peanut and his friend sat with Beth and I and watched. Then we went and met a lot of other Newfies, Bella and Callie. I even saw Monte. He won some big thing there. He is so handsome! Beth was teasing me because she said I seemed to have a fancy for the Golden Retrievers instead of the Newfies. Well, I kinda do but hey, what can I say, I like blondes!Well, the next show is in Duluth the day I turn 6 months old. Beth said I would be old enough then to enter the show but she isn't sure I'm ready. I'm ready. I know I am. I know how to stand and run around in a circle. I can even chase my tail if they want me too. I know lots of things. I can jump really high and I can shake hands and sit and lay down. I bet if I did all of that for that lady I would win! I am going to go now and practice all of that....maybe make a routine, I could surprise Beth. AND I do know a little dance step I could throw in. I can't wait!
Remington -- Mr. Show -- out!

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