Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is my big brother!

This is my brother Ben. I just call him Big Ben. He thinks that is funny. Mary just let us know that he was in a show and won! Isn't he handsome! My mom and dad are really proud of him. I hope someday I can go to a show and look like that! I am going to have to get ahold of him and ask him what he showed. I still can't figure that out. We are going to a show in Fargo next weekend and Beth said I would be able to see if that is something I might want to do.
Anyway, Ben is my older brother. He was born in August of 2006. I don't know him very well because he went to live with Arlene so he wasn't at Mary's much when I was born. Remember me telling you about Arlene? She rode along with Mary when they took me to meet Mike and Beth. She was so nice to me. She talked to me so I wasn't scared. That seems like so long ago but I do remember her.
I am so proud of my big brother. He is a good example for me.
Way to go Big Ben! I love you, man.

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