Friday, May 22, 2009

I did it! I graduated from puppy kindergarten!

I did it! I graduated from puppy kindergarten! I was so nervous that I wouldn't get the piece of paper like Bailey did. But I did and it's pretty too!
I did my trick and I didn't even mess up. Beth is trying to teach me hand commands (she just does this by herself -- she said I still have to learn whatever they teach me in class) but anyway here is how my trick went: Beth raised her hand for me to sit, then she put her fingers together and held them up for me to speak, then she put her hand out and put it to the floor for me to lay down and then she put her hand on my side for me to roll over. Then I got a treat. THEN she got up and raised both of her hands for me to stand. And I got a treat again! That was my trick. Everyone clapped. I was so happy. AND glad it was over. Beth and I only practiced that for two days. She just thought it up on Tuesday night. So NOT much time. But she just said don't worry if it don't work it doesn't matter. We just want to have fun! In the class picture it is my two teachers, Spot, Sweet Pea and me (and our friends we live with!). Some of the other people didn't make it to class. I don't know if they will graduate or not....I hope so. After class I played with Spot and Sweet Pea. I posted a picture of me and Sweet Pea. See she doesn't look like a bull! I don't know why they call her a Pit Bull. Oh well, she is REALLY nice and we played a lot! I hope I get to see her again. Beth said on the way home "Oh, do you have a girlfriend?" I was like WHAT! No, she is only a friend, geez, I am only 4 1/2 months old....whatever! I think she was just kidding but we didn't talk about it anymore.
Today I am going to relax! Mike gets three days off from work so it will be nice to have him with us.
Sponge Bob is on! Gotta go.
Remington out!

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