Monday, May 25, 2009

The lilacs have blossomed!

Today we are going to start planting the outside plants. Beth said she watches to see when the lilacs blossom, then it's safe to plant outside so they won't freeze. She said sometimes Mother Nature plays tricks and it doesn't work but almost always it does. I haven't met Mother Nature yet but she sounds like a tricky lady. I think she lives close to us though from the way it sounds. Maybe she will stop by for coffee so I can meet her.
Yesterday Mike and Beth were gone some, church, and then a program at the Healing Garden in Aitkin (I guess that is something to do with where Mike works at the hospital) and then a graduation party. I went along to the party but I waited in the van. Just listened to Blue Collar radio and chilled out (they left the air condtioner on for me, ha, ha, chilled out, get it?). It was nice and they didn't stay too long.
Tomorrow we go to Minneapolis to school. I can't wait to see my friends AND my teacher. She is so cool!
It has been so much fun having Mike here for three whole days! We cuddled and played a lot!
Beth just said Sponge Bob is on so I better go! Don't want to miss that!
Later gator....

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