Thursday, May 14, 2009

My friend's birthday!

Today I got to go and see my friend Connie. She works with Mike. I wonder if she gets bacon too? Anyway her birthday is on Saturday but I have to go to Bailey's school tomorrow so I took her present to her today. Connie is Shadow's mom -- you know my email buddy across town. It was fun seeing her. Other people came to see me too. I didn't stay too long because Mike had to work.
Tonight I have puppy school. Not big boy school, just puppy school. Next week I think I graduate from puppy school. Atleast I hope I will. I can't wait to see my friends, Moxie, Sweet Pea and Derby. We all hang out together before class starts. It's a blast! We run and play.
Oh yeah, Beth said I forgot to do my update I guess from now on I will only do it once a month until I am one year old. Beth said that would be good enough. SO -- at 4 months old I weighed 48 pounds and stood 20" at the shoulder.
I just heard Beth call "dinner time" so I better go.

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Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

We just chose your fabulous blog for the "Paw"some Blog Award. See details on our blog.

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Katie and Louie the Newfs