Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I got to go to Bailey's school on Friday! It was so much fun! Bailey introduced me to her teacher and all of her friends. And guess what! Trevor came to see me there too! I was so surprised. Anyway, they petted me and talked to me. Beth said I did a good job. I was a little worried because sometimes I forget stuff and I certainly didn't want to forget to be REALLY good at the school! When I left the school all the kids were saying good bye to me and waving and I waved right back. I felt so good!
After we were done there I got to go to Bailey's house and play. I miss her and Trevor. They really know how to play.
Then on Thursday night I went to school and played with Moxie, Sweet Pea and Spot. We all did a good job. After class we met a man that is going to teach us what to do at a dog show. I still haven't quite understood what I am going to show yet. My toes are pretty cute so maybe that would be a start. Oh well, I am sure Beth will tell me.
I get to go outside and work today. I like to work. We are going to clean up the yard, so Mike says. I think that will be interesting. I told him I would take care of all the pine cones. I like to pick those up, I just don't like to put them down.
Better get my work collar on, could be a long day!

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