Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I lost two more teeth!

Well, I got more treats from the tooth fairy! Yep, I lost two more teeth AND I put them under my pillow and got more treats! Sure is neat how that works! My new teeth are already coming in. Beth said my teeth look nice.
Yesterday I went to Minneapolis to school. We learned A LOT of stuff. My teacher, Danielle, is the BEST! I think I should nominate her teacher of the year. She makes class so much fun that time just flies by. I can't wait to see her next week!
After we were done with school Beth and I went shopping at Pet Smart. It was fun just looking around. I got some ideas to put on my Christmas list. Beth said it is not too early to start planning! So I am making my list! I got a good start yesterday.
It's cold out today. Atleast Beth says so. It's 46 out. I think it's nice! A little snow wouldn't hurt, either. Don't let Beth hear me say that, ha ha!
Better go I hear the popcorn popper going! Beth is getting popcorn ready for the grey fox we have out back. We have two, they come in the evening and they LOVE buttered popcorn. So Beth puts a little out each night. She said it won't fill them up but it will help if they can't find any other food. They have been coming for two years. Last year Beth said they had 3 babies they brought with to eat. Then she read that when they get old enough all but one leave that den. She said one of the babies stayed then found a mate and she thinks we will have pups again. That will be neat! We watch them from the window downstairs. They are really cool, they can even climb trees. We have quite a few outside friends. Deer, 2 cats that won't come to Mike or Beth and they don't like each other either so they come at different times. Beth put a little house out there so they would have protection if it's raining or cold. Sometimes we have a skunk that comes around. They have really wierd perfume. Doesn't smell like Beth's at all! We have LOTS of birds. I mean LOTS!!!! We even had a ruffed grouse. They look funny. Beth likes the pilated woodpeckers. Mike says they look like they have a bad halloween costume on. He's funny.... All the birds are fun to watch and sure makes the backyard colorful!
I bet if I hurry I can get a little popcorn from Beth.

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