Thursday, May 28, 2009

Play ball?

Today is a great day to play ball. Anyone one up for it? Just in case you don't know how to play "Remy Ball" I will tell you. It is SOOOO easy. You just throw the Kong Ball (that's the big red one in the picture) and I will go and get it and I might give it back to you and I might not. See, it's easy and so much fun. I think it will be everyone's favorite by the end of the summer. I just made it up -- all by myself -- no help at all. Beth said I am quite the little inventor. I think up all sorts of things. I play "take stuff from the studio and run all over the house". I play "hide the pine cone in my mouth and look innocent". I play -- "I might give you the newspaper and I might not". They are great, you know, I think it's really good for Mike and Beth. It keeps their minds alert and I am just the guy to help them out.
Mailman is here! Hey, I bet I can think of another game with that!

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