Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun day!

I got to go and see Bailey and Trevor yesterday! I had so much fun. We would run and play. Bailey practiced taking me with the lead. She did a really good job! I think she's done this before. Trevor is so funny -- he climbs around like a monkey. Ha, ha. We watched Jon (their daddy) open presents. It was his birthday party. They had a fire in the fire pit (that is this wire cage type thing that Jon started a fire in outside and we kept warm by it -- kinda like our fireplace only outside -- it's cool) AND they have a trampoline. A trampoline is this funny round thing that you can get on and jump. They have a net cage around it so you don't fall out but I DON'T want to do it I just like to watch. Mike likes it -- he even does flips on it. Bailey, Trevor and Mike played Red Rover on the trampoline. Everyone was laughing so hard. I really like to go there.
On Tuesday this week Beth and I get to go again. Bailey graduates from Kindergarden. What that means is that she finished this part of school and she did a good job so they will let everyone know. I hope that's what happens in two weeks when I am done with my first puppy class. I'll have to ask. That would be so cool! Maybe Bailey and Trevor will come and see me graduate! Beth said I can't go in the school this time so I will wait outside in my room and I just know Bailey will come and see me when it's all done! She REALLY likes me! Mike doesn't get to come along because he has to work. You know that "bacon" thing. I would rather go to see Bailey!
Time to eat! Later.

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