Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am happy!

I am a happy dog. Life is so good.
I just wanted to say that! Tonight is school again. I sure like it. I get to see all my friends. I usually sit by Moxie and Sweet Pea. They are nice.
I've been outside with Beth this morning checking all the herbs. I even ate some chives. Beth said that would make my breath smell good. Whatever....
I am really looking forward to Saturday. I get to go and see Bailey and Trevor. I really miss them. We can play all day! It's Jon's (he is Bailey and Trevor's daddy) birthday on Sunday so we are going to go Saturday to celebrate. Jon is fun too. He has big arms and I like to cuddle with him. He is really nice to me.
Better go and see what Beth is up too. Don't want her to get into any trouble, ha ha!

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