Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today has been a busy day. Cleaning, cuddling, talking, playing ball, going for walks, rolling around on the floor....what can I say -- I have a busy life!
I was trying to play with Dudley as you can see in the pic -- Beth caught me playing with him.... Dudley is different from the others. He never hits me hard with claws just taps me softly. He likes me. I know I shouldn't jump up by the table and let me tell you I heard about it! Beth said "off" very sternly. I know when I hear that tone that I better stop whatever I am doing. But I just wanted to tell Dudley something, that's all. Beth said when I get older that I will be able to just look on the top of the table by just standing by it. I don't know about that....we'll see.
Beth told me that my parents and sisters are just fine and are at Mary and David's. They are keeping busy. She didn't say anything about my brothers but knowing them they are doing great!
Tomorrow is my first day of school -- that I get to go to. I am kinda scared. I hope I make a lot of friends and everyone likes me. I don't know if Beth got me a school bag or not. I haven't seen one. I hope she didn't forget. I don't want to be the only one there with no school bag! I really wanted a Sponge Bob one. I like him!
Last night I did something....when Mike and Beth were sleeping I was sneaky and tip toed across Mike and went and slept on Beth's feet for awhile. I really missed her. I just wanted to be by her for awhile. We are together all the time. She's my BFF (best friend forever). Anyway, I went back to my bed before they woke up. Don't tell -- please!
I better go -- I think I hear Beth in the kitchen. You never know, I might get a treat for no reason. She does that sometimes. That's what BFF's do.

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