Thursday, April 16, 2009

First day of school

Today is my first day of school AND I got my Sponge Bob back pack! Beth is so good to me! I am really excited to go. Beth said I will meet a lot of new friends and they would be more like me than the cats are. I can't wait! I have been practicing the dog on a rope thing and am doing quite well -- if I do say so myself. BUT it still stands -- if the others aren't going to do it I will protest too! BUT if that is something we have to do then I am ready! I want to make Mike and Beth proud of me!
Last night I did my sneaky thing again (to go and see Beth during the night)but this time Mike caught me and made me go back to my bed. I just wanted to see Beth one time. He just does not get it!
Beth said we are going to be very busy the next few days. This morning we are going to go and visit some friends and then we have our work to do and then school. Tomorrow Mike doesn't work and we are going to Fargo so he can get his eyes checked out. I guess he had surgery before I got here. Then this week end we are going to clean up the yard. Busy, busy -- I like busy....
Wish me luck tonight!
Remington out!

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